Bristol Cathedral Is Almost As Amazing As Guildford Cathedral

I say almost because what Guildford Cathedral has is BALLS. It's a ballsy, scary bull of a piece of architecture. Bristol Cathedral, which I visited for the first time the other week whilst holidaying their with Poppy French, is pretty bloody amazing with the most stylish concrete spire I've seen in a while, but it just didn't smash me in the face like Guildford Cathedral does every time I see it coming into Guildford Station on the way back into Surrey from London.

What I did like about Bristol Cathedral was its retro interior, the Haroon Mirzaesque ceiling (more of him in a minute) and the velvety brown canteen chairs they used instead of pews. If ever you find yourself in Cliffton not knowing where to go, or like us, being too poor to do virtually anything in Cliffton, check out the FREE cathedral and bask in its fair mightiness.

The only photo I can find right now of Guildford Cathedral, just so you can compare for your pleasure, is this one of me in drag taken by Poppy French way back in 2009.

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