April - An Update With Love

Faithful Reader - what a neglectful wench I have become - I've been too busy getting drunk, spending all my money, cooking JAZZY rice and planning new ventures to think about the blog - but now I think I've gone through and posted everything I wanted to post from over the last month, the updates will be coming along thick and fast. We've got another new scheme coming up at work, so all hell will be breaking loose shortly, but in the mean time, lets enjoy what was the end of March and the beginning of April, oh, and lets have a little chat about STUDIOGRABDOWN....
2012 IS NOW
It's been a long time coming. We keep doing stuff with each other, we keep having ideas, and we didn't work on that bloody mushroom farm together way back in 2007 for nothing. Anyway, after spending a whole week thinking of what we should call ourselves, as well as getting me semi naked in a pond in Haslemere, Poppy French and I have branded ourselves STUDIOGRABDOWN and we are here to offer our services: Installation / Photography / Art Direction. 

We have a website:  http://www.studiograbdown.com/ 

We have a Twitter: @STUDIOGRABDOWN

We have a logo: 

And shortly, we'll be having a film. 


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