Faithful Reader - its just turned 6:00pm and as I write, I'm sort of just readying myself for night shift number 2 of the latest Selfridges Windows install. The BIG BRITISH BANG is coming - full making of snaps to follow. 

Meanwhile, STUDIOGRABDOWN successfully completely a prop haul last night; fellow SGDer Poppy French and her mother went scouring in a van across all of London to pull various amazing objects and things for some of our latest shoots. Stay tuned - follow us on twitter @STUDIOGRABDOWN for the LOWDOWN.
Anyway, this weekend was mostly spent getting drunk, standing in Kebab shops and eating Vietnamese food at Mien Tay, Kingsland Road, before grinding my skinny ass amongst all the beards and the gays at Vogue Fabrics. How we swayed!


Aching Hearts And Aching Joints In April

Faithful Reader - for some reason the last few weeks have seen intense periods of busyness followed by a two day lull. I've never been so financially ruined, though hopefully this will be remedied in the near future. I'm blaming the NYC trip in January. The next couple of months are about to turn pretty hectic - projects with STUDIOGRABDOWN are coming into fruition, the Jubilee scheme at Selfridges goes into the windows next week, and THE WEDDING is coming....

Anyway, before I turn nocturnal/jaundice/dry, lets have a gander at things that have happened over the last couple of weeks.

Firstly, I became an Uncle for the 17th time to this little chappy:
Videos were recorded in the pouring rain with Poppy French for STUDIOGRABDOWN, where I became acquainted with another little chappy:
Jamie Buckingham on hand in the pouring rain as we shot our video - as none of us understood how to work the camera, the footage is thought stuck on this seemingly hostile Memory Card from the future that no computer can read. We can only hope that this video will one day see the light:
 The Twin and I decided not to get wrecked unceremoniously in Guildford Wetherspoons this weekend, so instead spent it sober baking and watching Alfred Hitchcock films (PSYCHO - BRILLIANT/FAMILY PLOT - RUBBISH/VERTIGO - STYLISH).

Yum faces all round it would seem. Meanwhile, work is gearing up for the next Windows install. Without wanting to to give to much away until the launch next week, we'll be celebrating all things British in the run up to the Jubilee and Olympic celebrations. This is a BIG scheme - as big as Christmas. Stay tuned for a full update on this in the coming days:
A coconut shy in the making:
 For good measure, have a blast from the past with this OUTTAKE of Chanie modelling for us in December - lovely:
 Here is a snap of Canada Water Underground Station I got on my Blackberry the other afternoon. I hadn't realised quite how magnificent it is:
 Finally, I thought I'd end this post with some teasers of things to come for STUDIOGRABDOWN. We recently worked with Stylist Rachel Holland on an editorial for Prince Magazine which is due for launch at the end of the month - tease here:
 SGD also experienced working with Team Saatchi last month on some hot new property hitting the airwaves at the beginning of May - stay tuned:
 Finally, we're planning something MAJOR for our next shoot - locations have been scouted, lists have been made, mood boards have sort of been talked about. STAY TUNED --------- PEACE OUT X


April - An Update With Love

Faithful Reader - what a neglectful wench I have become - I've been too busy getting drunk, spending all my money, cooking JAZZY rice and planning new ventures to think about the blog - but now I think I've gone through and posted everything I wanted to post from over the last month, the updates will be coming along thick and fast. We've got another new scheme coming up at work, so all hell will be breaking loose shortly, but in the mean time, lets enjoy what was the end of March and the beginning of April, oh, and lets have a little chat about STUDIOGRABDOWN....
2012 IS NOW
It's been a long time coming. We keep doing stuff with each other, we keep having ideas, and we didn't work on that bloody mushroom farm together way back in 2007 for nothing. Anyway, after spending a whole week thinking of what we should call ourselves, as well as getting me semi naked in a pond in Haslemere, Poppy French and I have branded ourselves STUDIOGRABDOWN and we are here to offer our services: Installation / Photography / Art Direction. 

We have a website:  http://www.studiograbdown.com/ 

We have a Twitter: @STUDIOGRABDOWN

We have a logo: 

And shortly, we'll be having a film. 


Bristol Cathedral Is Almost As Amazing As Guildford Cathedral

I say almost because what Guildford Cathedral has is BALLS. It's a ballsy, scary bull of a piece of architecture. Bristol Cathedral, which I visited for the first time the other week whilst holidaying their with Poppy French, is pretty bloody amazing with the most stylish concrete spire I've seen in a while, but it just didn't smash me in the face like Guildford Cathedral does every time I see it coming into Guildford Station on the way back into Surrey from London.

What I did like about Bristol Cathedral was its retro interior, the Haroon Mirzaesque ceiling (more of him in a minute) and the velvety brown canteen chairs they used instead of pews. If ever you find yourself in Cliffton not knowing where to go, or like us, being too poor to do virtually anything in Cliffton, check out the FREE cathedral and bask in its fair mightiness.

The only photo I can find right now of Guildford Cathedral, just so you can compare for your pleasure, is this one of me in drag taken by Poppy French way back in 2009.

A Bristolian Based Window Display That Caught My Eye

Picture the scene: Poppy French and I driving and failing to park all over Bristol thinking of names to call our new company whilst at the same time, we keep seeing things we think we should be photographing at every traffic light stop and I keep failing to get my camera out of my horrendously overpacked bag in good time. This kept happening. A lot.

Thankfully, we got stuck behind a massive lorry outside the Freak Street Studios just outside of Bristol and so I was able to snap away at their quirky window display - which frankly, I love and goes to show that you can make something simple and poignant and effective out of the smallest of images and symbols and (probably) the tiniest of budgets:

Having never heard of Freak Street Studios before, I found the time to Google them just now and came across a load of great images of theirs on this Flickr page. Check em out.

Brighton Beach Babes

That week when it was really sunny about 21 days ago just happened to be the week that I'd booked off work, so me and the twin went down to Brighton to sun ourselves on the pebbles. It was nice like.
White Sock Fetish No. 1:
Miriam snorting a line. Obviously.
White Sock Fetish No. 2:
Good times. We ate chips.