February - An Update With Love

Faithful Reader! It's time again to reflect on the month that was. February has been hard and long, and I've grown poor and weary, which is ridiculous as its supposed to be the shortest month of the year (damn those leap years, damn you.) Anyway, balloons were blown, Kusama was seen, Brighton beach was walked up and fish was cooked - lots of fish. This weekend sees the beginning of our first real installation at Selfridges of the year, designed soley by the in-house team. Yes, its time for the windows that I've helped design to finally go in - OMG. Emails have been sent, phone calls have been made, debates have been had. Never has so much been said over the size of a bull dog clip or the consistency of plaster - oh Faithful Reader - you are in for the BIGGEST MAKING OF treats ever. Not only that, but the windows along Oxford Street are going to be the most ambitious we've ever attempted. Watch this space - they launch next Friday. As March begins, I'll be turning nocturnal again for a while. Check back tomorrow for a WINDOWS TEASE and in the meantime, enjoy the rest of February. By the way - the picture at the top of this post is not the Guggenheim, but it could be. In fact, its my flat in Shadwell. It looks the same I tellz ya!

Blue Van Yellow Jumper:
  Brighton Beach Sunset:
 Pancake Day:
 James Barnett love his Frozen Food Fresh Fish Food Based Commodities:
 Hannah Jerrom lived with me for a week. She has vowed never to see me again:
 Max Wallis struts his stuff and reads his poetry all in the name of Diabetes: 
 Carmen steam rollering Jo Trav and sandwich:
 Stephanie Johns and Hannah Jerrom come to the LOADING DOCK:
Automatic Shoot:
Behind the scenes:

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  1. Big fan of the blog! Very interesting insights into fashion. Also, the window displays are lovely.