January is Now - FUCK THE JETLAG

Faithful Reader, I'm about to take MAKEMEAOFFER TRANSATLANTIC. Watch this space.
 In the meantime, you can enjoy these shots taken with the new Cannon and Poppy French's SAFARI LENSE - There are no rhinos or giraffes in Surrey, so you'll have to make do with these cows and a pheasant instead.
 I am so jetlagged at the moment - 3:00am starts are beginning to take their toll. I've got no idea why I've not gone back to normal following last weeks night shifts - perhaps my body is trying to prepare itself for the LONG HAUL.
 Also, in the process of clearing out my video camera in preparation for the TRAVEL, I came across this fairly lovely short video I'd recorded whilst Poppy and I shot the beautiful Ayla at Dizzy Finch Studios last May. Read about that shoot here.

Poppy French Photography from James Barnett on Vimeo.

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