January - An Update with Love

Model: Chanie Munn
Photography: Poppy French
Styling: James Barnett
 Faithful Reader! I've decided that I'm going to sign off each month with a post like this to add a bit of structure to this now weary blog. Can you imagine that I started this page in 2009? Rather excitingly, I've more original content to come in the next month or so than ever before, and now I've got a swish new lense, hopefully this blog will seem a little more grown up. Keep checking out the Flickr for photo updates (screw Facebook with its totally illegible Timeline nonsense) and stay tuned for more Chanie, Katty Janneh millinery, London Fashion Week and the major windows scheme I'm currently working on.
 Brick Lane Saturday
Matt Pyke at St Martins Lane Hotel curated by Crane TV
 Olek at Tony's Gallery on Brick Lane
And just about my favourite sight in the world right now - this unintentional light installation at the building site that will eventually become Whitechapel's new Premier Inn for the Olympics. 


NEW YORK - January 2012 (7)

 Empire State Building View - actually like being in a film. 
 The 9/11 Memorial - simple and stunning.
 The wind blowing the water straight out of the fountains.
 Lights and trees.
 New York Times.
 Steaming pipes.
 Whilst I was in NYC I thought it best to do a bit of research into how they do window displays. I liked the simple and stylish approach adopted by Barney's; a gauze covering back lit studio scenario.
  I also checked out Bergdorf Goodman, a smaller high end department store who are also renowned for their intricate windows. I actually captured them mid install - which was quite a strange feeling as their windows production team seemed to mirror ours!

NEW YORK - January 2012 (6)

Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim
It was something of a lifelong ambition to go to the Guggenheim, and I was just in time to see the epic Maurizio Cattelan retrospective which was taking centre stage, quite literally, suspended in the giant central atrium of the extraordinary gallery space. With each floor, spectators were able to get a different perspective of this epic collection. Of all the things we saw in New York, this was pretty much the stand out.


NEW YORK - January 2012 (5)


NEW YORK - January 2012 (4)

The Metropolitan Museum - literally full of everything.

 Perseus, Medusa and me:
 Warrior Miriam:
Go See!

NEW YORK - January 2012 (3)

On the Sunday of our trip, the fam and I visited the American Natural History Museum next to Central Park in New York. 

The evolution of man? My family become the exhibition at The Natural History Museum.
The best taxidermy and displays ever?!
Amazing African tribal outfit made from snail shells:
 Michael and Mastadon:
 Reindeer Dinosaur:


NEW YORK - January 2012 (2)

Where to begin, eh? This time last week I was scouring the floors of MOMA - so thats where I'll start. What a fantastic space - the diversity of the art on display was incredible, and the gallery itself was excellently curated.
Big love for the Fluxus exhibit.
Daniel Spoerri 'Kichka's Breakfast' (1960)
Natsuyuki Nakanishi 'Compact Object' (1962)
The New Photography exhibition was pretty inspirational too.
Sanja Ivekovik's 'Sweet Violence' takeover dominated the gallery's central atrium, whilst her screwed up paper scuptures littered the floors and corridors of her exhibition rooms.
I needed longer here to really appreciate it all, but thats for another trip with more time to consider things.