2012 is coming. Lets have a gander back over the year that was.
This was the month that disappeared. Christmas came and went for me over three months ago. Having been working on the White Christmas scheme for what seems like 6 months, it all came down to a 7 night install at the end of the month.
The Christmas windows are definitely the best ones I've worked on and my favourite as a whole. I'm big excited for whats to come at Selfridges next year, with some seriously beautiful installations coming in the windows over the next few months (more of this come January - it will be BRIGHT - it will be YOUNG - it will have THINGS in them [that last one doesn't work. Shame.] Anyway, on top of that, there is the scheme that I've helped design which is well wicked cool.

Anyway, what else? Oh yeah - SHE RETURNS. Hannah Jerrom and I start from where we left off one year previously for the SEQUEL. More in the new year.
George and I win big at the Visual Merchandising Awards ceremony and I get a pat on the bum from Biggins. Good Times. Stair Lifts were ridden.
Finally, Poppy and I unite once again for a collision with online jewellery store STUDDED AND STONED to shoot their lookbook. We were happy.

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