Sequel - Hannah Jerrom and James Barnett Return

London is massive and insurmountable and you need to be brave and ballsy to live here which I am not - I'm parochial and cowardly and scared of lots of things. At last. Time to share. To coincide with a lovely feature by online arts blog NOMIO, I thought this would be an appropriate time to share with you some of the new material Hannah and I have been working on. Since graduating last July, Hannah and I have worked on only a handfull of projects together - performing for the Barbican, working on a fashion feature for Sorcha O'Raghallaigh, Lovebox and Club Wish, and the Secret Cinema. In October we donned the leotards and started afresh. This collaboration has now become an ongoing project between our other lives. We are back for more, and hope you, Faithful Reader, don't mind joining us. Taking full advantage of the incredible washing room space at my last residence, Hannah and I danced with machines and continued the exploration of our bodies through integration with the found objects we uncovered.

The full video work we produced will be online at some point, but we're not rushing this Sequel - oh Faithful Reader - the things we will be showing you come late January. We've got parties to go to, people to interview, bands to perform with and long distance travels to far away lands. We are returning. This is only the beginning. We hope you enjoy.

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