Selfridges White Christmas (3) Installation and ATOM site visit

Here are some shots I managed to take mid installation of the windows. They give some idea of the size and scale of the props and spaces we were working with. The Moon takes it position: Paper decorations: Paper explosion! Manequin hanging - lots of hanging (achey arms, sleepy beaver etc.) The Bell Dress fits into position - just! Our first night was soley taken up laying the floors and draping the windows: Emily Pugh's fantastic Wonder Room installation of a thousand cranes: Mattress disaster! The seriously impressive Troika Thixotropes atrium installation before it was suspended. And in motion: Also, here are some really exciting shots from the prop company ATOM who made all of the fantastic props for our Christmas scheme. Based in Sunningdale, the Windows Production Team took an afternoon out just before install to take a look at the props being made and have a snoop around ATOM HQ. The Moon globe in production: The full scale mock up of the Marc Quinn sculpture and snow test area: Music Box: The Bell Dress: Reindeer (minus antlers!) Cracker Dress: Colourama: The beautiful music box prop: Exciting!

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