November - An Update With Love

Hi Faithful Reader. It's November. My favourite time of year, I think. I like the autumn, all the colours and the misty cold and the strange light. I don't like the darkness though. It makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. Anyway, today I've met Russians, cleaned my boots and sorted through much stuff - namely a lot of GCSE art pieces which have lain dormant in a spare bedroom for years. So whilst my mother peeled Kitkat wrappers from one time favourite boots (ex GCSE Broadwater School art students will know what I'm talking about) I sorted through lots of old embroidery pieces: yes - once, long ago, Faithful Reader, I used to be an obsessive embroiderer. I got a bit textiley during my A-Levels and even contemplated doing this full time. Materials of choice: wall paper, gold leaf, baking paper and calico. I embroidered all sorts, from giant self portraits to Debbie Harry motifs, to the alphabet. I'm not sure what to do with all of it, but its still nice to look at.

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