Sequel - Hannah Jerrom and James Barnett Return

London is massive and insurmountable and you need to be brave and ballsy to live here which I am not - I'm parochial and cowardly and scared of lots of things. At last. Time to share. To coincide with a lovely feature by online arts blog NOMIO, I thought this would be an appropriate time to share with you some of the new material Hannah and I have been working on. Since graduating last July, Hannah and I have worked on only a handfull of projects together - performing for the Barbican, working on a fashion feature for Sorcha O'Raghallaigh, Lovebox and Club Wish, and the Secret Cinema. In October we donned the leotards and started afresh. This collaboration has now become an ongoing project between our other lives. We are back for more, and hope you, Faithful Reader, don't mind joining us. Taking full advantage of the incredible washing room space at my last residence, Hannah and I danced with machines and continued the exploration of our bodies through integration with the found objects we uncovered.

The full video work we produced will be online at some point, but we're not rushing this Sequel - oh Faithful Reader - the things we will be showing you come late January. We've got parties to go to, people to interview, bands to perform with and long distance travels to far away lands. We are returning. This is only the beginning. We hope you enjoy.


Things I Have Seen Recently

Lynne Ramsay's 'We Need To Talk About Kevin'. An incredibly powerful film which left me slightly overwhelmed. It builds to an almost unbearable intensity. Meticulously shot. Tilda Swinton is brilliant. 'A Long Night In London' at The Network Theatre. The intimate Network Theatre space under Waterloo station was an appropriate backdrop to this small scale yet affecting dramatisation of the Bethnal Green Tube disaster of 1943 - the worst civillian disaster of World War 2. Postmodernism 'Style and Subversion' at the V&A. Bits and pieces of this collection were quite good, but I felt strangely disconnected to the exhibition as a whole, and the overal curation was spectacularly misjudged. It felt a bit 'try hard'. In complete contrast, the Pipilotti Rist: 'Eyeball Massage' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery has ended up being one of my favourite exhibitions in a long, long time. The future lay in this direction - a properly immersive experience. Spectators are invited to lay on the floor on body shaped mattresses and watch the projections unfold around them. This felt a little bit like the future of cinema. I was in there for a good hour. Go check this one out, and don't be afraid to lie down in the dark. Tacita Dean at the Tate Modern. A really beautiful lament for the medium of film. Worth seeing. The Linbury Prize contenders at the National - a great little exhibition of scenic design. Check this out before the winner is announced. The Soulwax Machine - best promotional film ever. EVER! Versace for H&M - it came, I bought, everyone else did too, I cried a little. The end.

Ex Stasis Matthew Stone feature - Dazed and Confused

I rarely post full editorials from other magazines and blogs, but I'm making an exception for this stunning feature by Matthew Stone, Katy England and Ricardo Tisci for the 2011 October issue of Dazed and Confused. I want to make images like this. Simply - The - Best.


November - An Update With Love

Hi Faithful Reader. It's November. My favourite time of year, I think. I like the autumn, all the colours and the misty cold and the strange light. I don't like the darkness though. It makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. Anyway, today I've met Russians, cleaned my boots and sorted through much stuff - namely a lot of GCSE art pieces which have lain dormant in a spare bedroom for years. So whilst my mother peeled Kitkat wrappers from one time favourite boots (ex GCSE Broadwater School art students will know what I'm talking about) I sorted through lots of old embroidery pieces: yes - once, long ago, Faithful Reader, I used to be an obsessive embroiderer. I got a bit textiley during my A-Levels and even contemplated doing this full time. Materials of choice: wall paper, gold leaf, baking paper and calico. I embroidered all sorts, from giant self portraits to Debbie Harry motifs, to the alphabet. I'm not sure what to do with all of it, but its still nice to look at.


Creating A White Christmas at Selfridges

Watch a fantastic Making Of stop motion video of the windows being installed here!
Oxford Street last night - OMG!


Selfridges White Christmas (4) Orchard and Duke Street Windows

As promised, here are the Selfridges White Christmas windows along Duke Street and Orchard Street. The Orchard Street windows are occupied by the fantastic work of Marc Quinn, whose stunning giant orchid sculpture stands mighty through a blizzard as the whole window is transformed into a raging snow globe: The hypnotic Troika Thixotrope light installation in the Selfridges atrium: Don't forget you can click on the Selfridges White Christmas label to read the full making of!