October - An Update With Love

Faithful Reader! I've returned at last - my post London Fashion Week blogging fatigue has subsided and its time to move onto pastures new. Exciting and scary things are happening at the moment but it feels good to be actively producing some new Creative Stuff. Poppy French and I recently collaborated with an online jewellery store to produce some new splash pages for their website, the fruits of which can be seen in the post below: A last burst of colour, shape, and bling to dazzle us into the next season. It seems fitting that these pictures should surface against the glorious sunshine we're all experiencing at the moment. Poppy French has given me free reign to blog these whilst she galavants around AFREEKA! snapping all things tusks and hoofs. That should be the name of a shop: TUSK AND HOOF. Nice. Anyway, enjoy this update - and between you and me, more is coming. Oh yes. Things are stiring. I've been naked (shut it you!), I've been dancing, hell, I've even been in a leotard.
She Returns. It's coming. The Sequel.

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