Selfridges White Christmas (2) Oxford Street Windows The Launch

Faithful Reader! This feels as though its been a year in the making, and finally we can now share with you the fruits of our labour! After 7 gruelling (though very well planned!) night shifts, the Selfridges White Christmas windows launched this morning. I'm going to take you through a very comprehensive 'Making Of', which you can follow by clicking the tab labelled Selfridges White Christmas at the bottom of this post. Have a gander, enjoy, and most important of all - Merry Christmas!

Oxford Street:

Selfridges White Christmas (1) In Production

Sourcing, buying, sampling, prepping, testing - thats what the first few weeks of production entails. There is more pressure than ever to get things right for the Christmas Windows, so work started early. Once again, our production team insisted on making a lot of the props themselves, and with a lot of extra help, we were able to crack on and take on more than we had ever done before.

Extreme mattress buying for the mountain: Recycling some Royal Wedding Chairs which were then sprayed up and gave extended legs: A giant paper hat test: Mountain or Tree? Mountain mock up: The wigwam in production: Styling in motion! Single Ladies (Put Your Hands Up) Paper Testing! White Wash For Your Life! And the tent, hanging out to dry back at my flat after it needed a bit of a wash!


A Post Of Things Part 8

More, More, More! Great images which I've come across over the last couple of weeks. Faithful Readers will have to be patient over the next few days - it's that time again when I become an owl and turn nocturnal....Christmas is coming. If you close your eyes now and then open them in the morning, it will be Christmas day...or something. Goodbye daytime, I'll see you next Thursday.


Museum Of Everything Party Frieze 2011 Selfridges Hotel

Frieze 2011 has almost finished - but at the start of the week, the current residents of Selfridges, The Museum of Everything, hosted another of their notoriously good Frieze parties in the fantastic warehousesque setting of the disused Selfridges Hotel. Projections and 3D pieces made by the artists showing in exhibition #4 were displayed throughout the space, whilst the crowd sampled cocktails and took to the dance floor between the brass band and orchestra performing at random intervals. Good times had by all.

A Post Of Things Part 7

Well, its been a fairly horrendous last couple of weeks, but I've managed to keep snapping things I've come across during my days - all these snaps were taken on my blackberry so excuse the fuzzy quality!
Laura dons some rather questionable styling samples at work...Visiting the Spinnaker Tower with the twin a couple of weeks back. A good opportunity for a GIRTH shot. Hannah, attacked by my pet sea gull: Oxford Street Christmas lights arrive: Some lovely instore VM at Selfridges: The Hindhead Tunnel - experienced for the first time last week: Googly Eyes: Flower Power back in Surrey - lovely! Lost Dog - DIVA! Dead Cool icon indeed....VETOED: Nice.