Sally Troughton in Biddle Sawyer Silks

So yesterday as I moseyed down Berwick Street picking up samples on my way home, I was stunned into contemplation of this window display - again, another quirky one from the recently opened Biddle Sawyer Silks shop. It was so simple - three sheets of loosely hung fabric attached to three fans which billowed air through the silk and created the most beautiful rapid effects. I went in and asked them about it, and was told the installation was created by Sally Troughton who, after a bit of digging, is a recent graduate who has also showcased work at the Falling Short exhibition by the Royal College of Art. For this exhibition, Sally created a piece of work entitled, 'States of Being' which again employed this signature ensemble of fabric and fans: Take a look at the RCA site here, and Sally's own website [which is under construction] here.

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