London Fashion Week SS12 Day 6: Topman Design Catwalk Show

Wow - so this is it Faithful Reader, the final show of the day and my last Fashion Week blog post. It's been intense, and I've seen a serious amount of fashion. The Topman Design show at the Royal Opera House this lunch time was very exciting - expensive looking silk prints with a Morocan influence, tailored into pyjama bottoms, shirts, trench coats (amazing) and a bomber jacket (also amazing). An army of skinny models roamed down the catwalk holding patent clutches and satchels watched over by a celebrity audience including Nick Grimshaw and Rick Edwards. This collection is called 'Rebellious Decadence' and was styled by Bryan McMahon. Excited for when this hits the stores.
Celeb Watch!

London Fashion Week SS12 Day 6: MAN Show Fashion East Martine Rose

The Fashion East MAN show took place against the beautiful setting of the Royal Opera House this morning. Up first was the first of two Selfridges Bright Young Things: Martine Rose. Thoughts: Unusual model choices, wearable, chunky boots, loose fitting tailored shirts, stripes and more print. Flashes of red styling, underskirts and shorts. Strong show.

London Fashion Week SS12 Day 6: MAN Show Fashion East Shaun Samson

Finally, Shaun Samson - serious rainbow colour, blocky pattern cutting, buff models.

London Fashion Week SS12 Day 6: MAN Show Fashion East Matthew Miller

Next up, Bright Young Thing Matthew Miller. Thoughts: almost began as sports wear turning into formal. Lots of white and beige to begin with then bursts of prints, neons, pinks and distorted silhouettes with white materials.

London Fashion Week SS12 Day 6: Catwalk Show James Long

James Long's SS12 catwalk show - some thoughts: Swept back hair, sunglasses, snakeskin shirts and shorts, grey shorts, chunky beige knits. The collection transformed during the catwalk from muted beiges to metalics and gun metal oily synthetics; the gold trench coat was amazing. Printed leather - topnotch.

London Fashion Week SS12 Day 6: Menswear Exhibition Agi and Sam

Prints, texture, and lurid colours at the Agi and Sam exhibition today.

London Fashion Week SS12 Day 6: Exhibition Astrid Andersen

Astrid Andersen's second collection is an impressive amalgamation of streetwear and delicate lace work - only she could get away with this. Impressively made.