The Museum of Everything Exhibition #4 Selfridges Oxford Street


Faithful Reader! Last week, I once again helped install the latest set of windows to hit Selfridges -this time a celebration of 'The Museum of Everything's' fourth exhibition. These are some of the quirkiest windows the store has ever done, and very much inverts the usual house style, eschewing slick finishes and manequins layered in fashions for a series of 3 dimensional illustrated installations, with a coarser, crafty, more home made aestetic. Each window has an element that moves - be that the waving hands of Princes William and Charles, rockets taking off and landing and bubble gum seemingly inflating from the mouths of 4 giant heads. Faithful Reader's may remember this post from January - my first week as part of the team, when I visited exhibition #3 on a bit of an educational recce. These snaps were taken on the launch morning last Friday, whilst the finishing touches were being implemented. Exhibition 4# launches in the Selfridges Ultra Lounge on September 2nd 2011.

The Museum of Everything invites you to discover Exhibition #4, over two hundred drawings, paintings and sculptures by international contemporary artists for whom creation is not just art, it is language.

Experience the vast flying cities of Hans-Jorg Georgi, the voluptous female conspirators of Giovanni Galli and the oven-baked cameras of ceramicist Alan Constable - three of the artists in this, Britain's first ever survey of progressive studios from right across the planet.

And here's a peek at the fantastic Orchard Street windows!


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