Making Windows

During the weeks up to install I snapped some 'making of' pictures whenever I had my camera handy to chart the progress each week. We had an unusually large amount to make ourselves this scheme; the biggest task of which was for the box windows on Orchard Street, which needed to be sourced and painted in the correct finish. Here are some of the boxes mid construction: Arranging the formations of the boxes up in the studio: Probably the most daunting challenge this scheme was for the pingpong ball windows. We ordered around a thousand of them which needed to be individually finished with a letter, arrow or world map(!) Our ingenious method of spraying and storing the pingpong balls...Checking out the DISCO flames for the rocket window: Other requirements in red were nearly two pallets worth of books - the production room began to resemble a bit of a charnel house after the first couple of days... The Yellow Scheme manks looking on: Nice.

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