Dalek Invasion of Christmas

Thats right Faithful Reader - Christmas has already arrived at Selfridges [instore at least- not the windows....yet - oh they are coming and they will be mighty....] A mosey down to the festive frolicking was in order - I came across this rather cute little owl...awww etc. All that is known about Selfridges Christmas this year is that its themed around 'White Christmas'...Have some paper decorations - yum.
All this Christmassyness means one thing - Santa Claus has been bought out of storage:
I'm not gonna lie; he looked quite terrifying in pieces on the table, but all together he was much more chirpy looking.
As its Christmas, the store got a look at the all new toys available over the festive season - and lo and behold this 'sit in' Dalek appeared in the studio - much to everyone's amusement.
I refused to get in it, but this lady was well up for it.

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