I've been meaning on visiting this open air exhibition for a while - and earlier on this morning Ash and I went to take a look. Bold Tendencies is a sculpture show dedicated to showcasing the works of new artists, and this latest exhibition is located on the rooftop of a multi storey car park in Peckham.
In the whole time I've lived in London, I have never been to Peckham, so going there was an experience on its own (so busy! it has Primark! the Riot Wall!)
When we arrived at what we thought was the location of the exhibition, it took us a while to actually get in and find the gallery space - a lot of wandering took place in the car park! When we finally got up to the roof we were not disappointed; a variety of sculpture is on display - some of it site specific. My total favourite was the inflating/deflating rats - bizarre but amazing.
If the lure of great sculpture isn't enough to draw you to Peckham, then the fantastic Franks cafe should be - that and the most fantastic views of the whole of London that I've ever seen - seriously, it's like you can see the whole of London's skyline from this car park - it's incredible.
Some of the work on display:
And a trip to Peckham would be incomplete without seeing this, wouldn't it?

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