Making Windows

During the weeks up to install I snapped some 'making of' pictures whenever I had my camera handy to chart the progress each week. We had an unusually large amount to make ourselves this scheme; the biggest task of which was for the box windows on Orchard Street, which needed to be sourced and painted in the correct finish. Here are some of the boxes mid construction: Arranging the formations of the boxes up in the studio: Probably the most daunting challenge this scheme was for the pingpong ball windows. We ordered around a thousand of them which needed to be individually finished with a letter, arrow or world map(!) Our ingenious method of spraying and storing the pingpong balls...Checking out the DISCO flames for the rocket window: Other requirements in red were nearly two pallets worth of books - the production room began to resemble a bit of a charnel house after the first couple of days... The Yellow Scheme manks looking on: Nice.

Installation Views

These snaps were taken during the installation last week. They show a little bit more of the process, from packing away the previous installation, Technicolourology, below - including Poppy French's pompoms - (yes they're in their somewhere)......to the funny floor protectors we had to wear over out booties:Charles and William: Hardcore wall mounting:



The Museum of Everything Exhibition #4 Selfridges Oxford Street


Faithful Reader! Last week, I once again helped install the latest set of windows to hit Selfridges -this time a celebration of 'The Museum of Everything's' fourth exhibition. These are some of the quirkiest windows the store has ever done, and very much inverts the usual house style, eschewing slick finishes and manequins layered in fashions for a series of 3 dimensional illustrated installations, with a coarser, crafty, more home made aestetic. Each window has an element that moves - be that the waving hands of Princes William and Charles, rockets taking off and landing and bubble gum seemingly inflating from the mouths of 4 giant heads. Faithful Reader's may remember this post from January - my first week as part of the team, when I visited exhibition #3 on a bit of an educational recce. These snaps were taken on the launch morning last Friday, whilst the finishing touches were being implemented. Exhibition 4# launches in the Selfridges Ultra Lounge on September 2nd 2011.

The Museum of Everything invites you to discover Exhibition #4, over two hundred drawings, paintings and sculptures by international contemporary artists for whom creation is not just art, it is language.

Experience the vast flying cities of Hans-Jorg Georgi, the voluptous female conspirators of Giovanni Galli and the oven-baked cameras of ceramicist Alan Constable - three of the artists in this, Britain's first ever survey of progressive studios from right across the planet.

And here's a peek at the fantastic Orchard Street windows!



Selfridges: The Yellow Scheme

Faithful Reader! I am nocturnal! In fact, I'm now an owl! I'm currently working nights again, and it's 07:37am as I type. I've been home from work for about an hour but can't sleep yet so thought I'd blog about what I've been up to for the last 4 nights (one night left). Unusually, the Duke Street windows for Selfridges are thematically different from the Oxford Street run, and have launched a day early. Sort of entitled 'The Yellow Scheme' they consist of a series of movement based scenarios with balloons and exercise equipment. They look pretty simple, but up close they are well complicated. I like them a lot - nice pastel back drops and simple central focal points. These pictures were taken at about 5am this morning, so excuse the rubbish lighting and the dirty glass (which was in the process of being cleaned!).
Check back tomorrow for a further update - a massive one actually. Tomorrow sees the launch of something very special along the Oxford Street windows...

Also, H&M have just opened a new concession in store (they were sweeping the new bit as I left!) and to coincide with this momentous occasion, the H&M team have designed and installed two of their own windows (in keeping with The Yellow Scheme). Actually, you can see the different approaches to window design and production when you compare these with the windows on Duke Street.

Selfridges: The Yellow Scheme - Details

These images show the level of detail that the production and styling teams have put into this deceptively complicated windows scheme. I really like the sense of movement and unusual sight lines that these windows have. I'm pretty pleased at how 'fashion editorial' they feel too.
I think the single lady seemingly floating from a couple of bunches of balloons is my favourite one - it's so serene!
Really lovely styling on the ladies hanging from the monkey rings (loving the messy hair):
Three guys, lounging in the [paddling] pool:
Each window has one of these satisfyingly tactile vac formed balloons:
Nice! I'd say go down and check them out, but wait till Friday - thats when Oxford Street launches too - oh yes!



I've been meaning on visiting this open air exhibition for a while - and earlier on this morning Ash and I went to take a look. Bold Tendencies is a sculpture show dedicated to showcasing the works of new artists, and this latest exhibition is located on the rooftop of a multi storey car park in Peckham.
In the whole time I've lived in London, I have never been to Peckham, so going there was an experience on its own (so busy! it has Primark! the Riot Wall!)
When we arrived at what we thought was the location of the exhibition, it took us a while to actually get in and find the gallery space - a lot of wandering took place in the car park! When we finally got up to the roof we were not disappointed; a variety of sculpture is on display - some of it site specific. My total favourite was the inflating/deflating rats - bizarre but amazing.
If the lure of great sculpture isn't enough to draw you to Peckham, then the fantastic Franks cafe should be - that and the most fantastic views of the whole of London that I've ever seen - seriously, it's like you can see the whole of London's skyline from this car park - it's incredible.
Some of the work on display:
And a trip to Peckham would be incomplete without seeing this, wouldn't it?