On The Seventh Day God Created Manchester

So I had to go to Manchester for work - and I fell for the city big time. I went to the Manchester Art Gallery, which as well as showcasing work by local artisans and bigging up Manchester's role in the cultural boom, also housed a surprisingly beefy collection of Modern Art. I liked the Gormley floating man which greeted exhibition goers on entry...
Another area I fell in love with was the city's Northern Quarter - and in particular this quirky cafe - Oklahoma.
This trendy cafe was festooned with brightly coloured umbrellas and mismatched decor. It served the biggest milkshakes, with all the trimmings, and I had a well good mousaka - yum faces all round.
I wanted to steal their glass coffee cups:
More Northern Quarter goodness:
The vintage clothes market - MASSIVE:
The work gang - working an 'M' for MANCHESTER:

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