Homeward bound this weekend. It's been a while.

Well Built Machines

1. The new work sewing machine - industrial grey, heavy duty, metal finish, Singer.2. Vintage gay porn shoot from an unknown source of an unknown model. Annonymous hottness.


Purple is the colour of choice for Lambeth Council. Everything council related is purple - bins, buses and boarded up houses. We found this lovely purple wall on Saturday.


Petrol Station

Elephant & Castle petrol station and council block.


I saw this guy sun bathing on Sunday in the park - and it brought back a whole host of memories and ideas.

South London Looks

Some South London snaps from the weekend.

Whitecross Street Party 2011

On Saturday, we went to the Whitecross Street Party between Old Street and the Barbican. Amongst the crowds and the food stalls, I came across two very cool pieces - this guy with his paint strewn slacks spent his time painting intricately detailed patterns onto pieces of chewing gum stuck to the pavements of London , turning something quite disgusting into something almost beautiful.And this robot thing made out of a hoover and a pair of sunglasses was awesome.


Technicolourology Details

This installation is definitely my favourite so far. Here are some close up details of the meticulous styling along the Oxford Street and Duke Street run of windows:

A Post Of Things Part 4

Faithful Reader! Once again its time for a post of all things that are tickling me pink at the moment!Lovebox 2011 - it tried to rain, but that couldn't dampen the gays. Beth Ditto Vogued, sweated, got naked (more nakedness to come) and then passed out. I ascended somewhere during Scissor Sisters performance of Invisible Light (a thousand nights of prayers answered etc.) and then bounced my body on the soggy ground at The Relentless Stage till the night was over. Glorious! Tim Walker inspired weddings...nice - watch this space.
Tom wins BBC1's The Apprentice - post Lovebox shocked and hung over faces all round - especially this girl!!
Terrifying Cabage Patchesque window prop from the other day...
Tne OMG Van.
I think I will call this one, 'When In Marbs'...We found what appeared to be Marbella's only gay hotspot - the gay nudist beach near Cabopino. It felt odd to be clothed, so derobed I did, and out my arse came.
Another Marbella treat - this time in the form of the Hostess from 'Stress Less' - her old picture collection from when she used to be a dancer was totally awesome!
Invisible Light - Hell Hath No Fury!
The Running Man - A Post Of Things is uncomplete without a gratuitous cock shot, and this one is rather splendidly sun bleached:
Sisters and Ash in the Brighton sun.
A nice picture I found online the other day - I can't for the life of me remember who its by.
Wild Night - another dead bird at my feet. This one had lost its head.
An amazing shot from a recent disposable exposure of [half] of the family in Green Park munching on sandwiches...
Twin Love In @ Buckingham Palace - YELLOW JUMPER.
And, just whilst we're still thinking about Lovebox, lets have a Box Head.