So the weekend consisted of many things, but it was also a bit of a Sci Fi geek fest - unashamedly so in fact. Not only did the first part of Doctor Who series 6 come to an end (River Song is who!!?!) but I dragged Ash along to the prequel of the X-Men trilogy - X-Men: First Class. For anyone who loves the original movies, this Matthew Vaughn directed prequel, is a must-see. Not quite as stylish as the original movies (except for the end credits - which are 1960s retro sublime) the film is fantastic mix of action and backstory, and all my favourites from the original films and comics are present and get fleshed out a lot too. Go see it and get your geek on. Michael Fassbender is now called HAWT Magneto - all gnashers, eyebrows and gesticulating fingers. Yum.

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