A Post Of Things Part 3

Once again Faithful Reader, here is a post of all things pictorial that have struck a cord in the last month or so. Victoria Andrew's 23rd Birthday, which involved a sleep over like no other since I was about 15 on the floor of my flat in Chinatown. Cramped lovin' indeed. Jon Pertwee's Season 11 title sequence from Doctor Who (1974) - 70s time tunnel groove! Carmen Ho beaming at the Royal Wedding this April - a disposable gem. Retro Radio Two advert: An Ocean Wrap group shot -nice! Popeye - unlikely style icon?Santa Muerte - the future! No Post Of Things is complete with out the obligatory cock shot - this time in denim and fetching yellow hat - truck driving, trailer trash fitsters! Harry Potter - the final film! So excited - I'm ready for some Bella Trix and Mrs Weasley action! A snap from a Bethnal Green tower block last week. BBC 2 1982 stylee: And finally, a split screen moment from the season three cliffhanger of Dynasty - Alexis and Crystal in that Cabin - an omg moment indeed, and the last time Joan Collins hair looked real.


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