Faithful Reader. So, for the last 6 months, I've been living what at times has seemed like a prison sentence in Central London. As about Central as it gets. Literally, Shaftsbury Avenue and then Leicester Square. It was long. It was loud. It was cramped. It was horrible. The best thing about living in Chinatown, as you can imagine, was the food. I shant miss living above Hong Ning though. Like the birds below, we've taken flight to South London - somewhere I've never lived before. It's so civillized down south! The move was intense but smooth - like a good labour. We had so much stuff which makes me think that our old room in Chinatown must have been a TARDIS. The best things about our new flat the lovely walk to the Southbank where I can do things like this: (We love a bit of Girth) The lovely 1960s staircase: And the beautiful rose garden outside the front door. Honestly, it couldn't be any better than Leicester Square. RIP Hong Ning. Long Live Kennington.

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