Daniel Fooks at The National Portrait Gallery

Now I'm very excited by this - I was reading Shortlist magazine the other day and noticed a small image of Peter Capaldi painted in a style similar to how I remember my A-Level art teacher, Dan Fooks, painting pictures of his grandfather all those years ago I was studying A-Level Art at Godalming College back in Surrey. Well, on further inspection, it turned out the image had been painted by Dan, and the article went on to say that his work was one of many artists paintings being featured in the BP Portrait Award 2011 at The National Portrait Gallery. This is so fantastic for Dan - he was an incredibly good art teacher and a particularly influential person in the direction I ended up taking my career/life. The story goes that he contacted fellow Scot Peter Capaldi (of 'The Thick Of It' fame) after he had narrated a documentary on painting, who agreed to pose for a sitting for Dan. Go check out the show whilsts you can!

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  1. Oh wow! you must show everyone from Godalming!