Technicolourology at Selfridges

The latest window scheme in full:

Poppy French for Selfridges Technicolourology

Faithful Reader! This has been a long time coming, though now Technicolourology has launched at Selfridges, this info is no longer embargoed! I asked Miss Poppy French, photographer and textile buff if she would be interested in making some props and doing a bit of prop styling for our new summer scheme - Technicolourology. She accepted the challenge, and then I took over her life for about three weeks - roarhahaha! Anyway, she survived the process with only a mouthful of fluff her only inconvenience. I think she may have even enjoyed it...We commissioned Poppy to make various small props for the new windows - pebbles, pompoms, mounds, clouds and snakes - quite a shopping list for one woman and her sewing machine. After a great day sourcing and buying fabric in faithful Shepherds Bush, Poppy set to work. I would get regular updates, which generally showed her home in Surrey slowly sinking in an ocean of threads, cut offs and fluff (loads more fluff to come). The pebbles: The fantastic cloud (and brother!) The poms get an airing: With everything more or less sewn, we installed Poppy in a tiny corner of the studio, gave her some fans and water and got her stuffing everything she had made! We welcomed the lovely and freshly graduated Sabrina from the Performance Design and Practise course at CSM to assist Poppy with the props. The pompoms coming together in the studio - Technicolour in motion! The windows launched on Friday last week and have received a fantastic response. Poppy's bits and pieces appear in a few windows accross the Oxford and Duke Street run, as well as online: Go check them out!

Daniel Fooks at The National Portrait Gallery

Now I'm very excited by this - I was reading Shortlist magazine the other day and noticed a small image of Peter Capaldi painted in a style similar to how I remember my A-Level art teacher, Dan Fooks, painting pictures of his grandfather all those years ago I was studying A-Level Art at Godalming College back in Surrey. Well, on further inspection, it turned out the image had been painted by Dan, and the article went on to say that his work was one of many artists paintings being featured in the BP Portrait Award 2011 at The National Portrait Gallery. This is so fantastic for Dan - he was an incredibly good art teacher and a particularly influential person in the direction I ended up taking my career/life. The story goes that he contacted fellow Scot Peter Capaldi (of 'The Thick Of It' fame) after he had narrated a documentary on painting, who agreed to pose for a sitting for Dan. Go check out the show whilsts you can!

City and Guilds of London Art School Degree Show 2011

On Sunday I popped into the City and Guilds of London Art School's annual BA degree show of Fine Art, Etching, Sculpture and Conservation. I had heard of the school before, but wasn't aware of the artisan approach to a lot of the courses on offer. The conservation/preservation course was particularly intense - all chemical process and lazers! The School also boasts a lovely studio space - split over various levels and up and down lots of little stair cases. My favourite work on display was that featured in the BA Fine Art rooms - I loved the little clay pieces made by Alex Stewart which filled one of the studios:Nice!


Weekend Down South

A nice weekend was had in South London.


An Update at The End Of The World

Faithful Reader. This morning is the final end of a 12 hour night shift - the last of about 5 this last week whilst we have installed. There is much to talk about and take in - Technicolourology has landed - although I am too much of a sleepy beaver to brave talking you through it right now, so here enjoy this little snippet, and have a piece of Jon Pertwee as Doctor Who. I will be getting back to you shortly - all this before Marbs...And as I type, I've just been handed this new toy - the manliest gift I've ever had.



Faithful Reader. So, for the last 6 months, I've been living what at times has seemed like a prison sentence in Central London. As about Central as it gets. Literally, Shaftsbury Avenue and then Leicester Square. It was long. It was loud. It was cramped. It was horrible. The best thing about living in Chinatown, as you can imagine, was the food. I shant miss living above Hong Ning though. Like the birds below, we've taken flight to South London - somewhere I've never lived before. It's so civillized down south! The move was intense but smooth - like a good labour. We had so much stuff which makes me think that our old room in Chinatown must have been a TARDIS. The best things about our new flat the lovely walk to the Southbank where I can do things like this: (We love a bit of Girth) The lovely 1960s staircase: And the beautiful rose garden outside the front door. Honestly, it couldn't be any better than Leicester Square. RIP Hong Ning. Long Live Kennington.