Stephanie Johns - Isberg and The Woods

My friend and ex flat mate Stephanie Johns graduated last year from the same course as I, and already she's carving out quite an exciting career for herself. Dividing her time between the East End and up North, in the last year Steph has worked in the art department for three BBC One shows, designed a whole performance at the Fringe in Edinburgh and directed an installation for the Bloomsbury Festival. I had the pleasure of being invited along to a small performance designed by Steph in the White Space at Back Hill for Company of Angels and Drama Centre London. The two performances were entitled Isberg and The Woods, two plays delving into the adolescent psyche. Steph found herself responsible for both the set and costume designs for each. In Isberg, three siblings find themselves bound to one another after the tragic deaths of their parents, and end up living in the basment of an abandoned house. I really liked this one - there were some truly spine tingly moments from the 'Sister' character and her dream like apparitions. Nice set dressing too. Actually felt like I was in a junk filled garage or something of the like. Next up was the longer The Woods, a drama about the disappearance of a 6 year old girl through the eyes of her young friends. This show was set primarily in the White Space which Steph successfully decorated to look suitably outdoorsy, as well as doubling it up as a bedroom dorm and (probably most effectively) as an ice covered lake. This piece featured some fantastic photographic work by James Freeman, a London based photographer who 'has a passion for traditional processes'. Check his blog here. Great stuff all round!

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