The Royal Wedding 4: The Fashion Moment

With a wake up call at 5:00am, Ash and I got ourselves ready half asleep reminding ourselves that we had to make the effort for this piece of history. We arrived at Hyde Park to be greeted by about 100 hardcore Royalists and the fit silver fox from Day Break. Hyde Park was pretty desolate at 6:00am - it was also freezing cold. We got ourselves a right good position by the screens, and the drama unfolded in front of us as we were joined by about 150,000 other people. It was *so* busy - I had no idea so many people cared about the wedding, but it was quite lovely that people did, and everyone was there just to have a good time and wish them well. When The Fashion Moment occured, the crowds whooped and cheered whilst we popped our corks for the arrival of Posh and David Beckham. We cried and got steadily drunker as the ceremony progressed. Thank goodness for the free Kleenex!. By the end of the afternoon, with the band playing, the drink flowing and everyone around us steadily moving away from our raucous behaviour, it was time to leave and continue the party elsewhere!

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