The Royal Wedding 1: The Royal Tour

So it began! Mother and Father, being Mother and Father, didn't want to come to the actual Royal Wedding on the 29th April, so opted to sample the feverish atmosphere for themselves the day before it all started. They cited fears of being crushed, blown up, getting sun stroke or perhaps a combination of all three of those as reasons not to come! With a suitably festive route devised, I met the parentals and a couple of the sisters along Regents Street to have a gander at the enormous bunting hanging between the stores. Our first photo opportunity of the day (watch out - there are loads). We moved on to Selfridges (thats another post altogether!) and hopped on the tube to Green Park. This part of our Royal Wedding Tour proved more eventful - I tore a hole in the arse of my trousers, whilst we were simultaneously attacked by pigeons and then overcome with excitement as we bumped into the Prince William lookalike from the T-Mobile adverts! Exciting! After sandwiches were eaten and photographs were taken, we strolled down to Buckingham Palace for more exciting photo opportunities! We came across loads of campers lining the streets outside the palace and the enormous press camp - Fearne Cotton was in attendance (How we cooed!). The atmosphere was buzzin'!

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