Project Ocean - Chris Levine

Chris Levine's window is a strange beast - it looks totally incongruous with the rest of the run along Oxford Street - that is until you turn your head to the left and then to the right very quickly - and from the corner of your eye you realise that it all makes total sense...Chris is a UK based artist who experiments with ligth and technology, creating sometimes strange and unnerving pieces. He has worked for Grace Jones and has work exhibited in Sketch, London. For Selfridges, he has installed a Blipvert - or a visual echo. This is one window that you will need to see for real to fully understand how it works. You basically stand in front of it and shake your head a lot, whilst looking at the strategically placed neon strips. Lots of people shaking their heads on Oxford Street currently! To watch more of his work go to his official site here: http://www.chrislevine.com/

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