A Post Of Things Part 2

Faithful Reader! The time feels right to move on from Project Ocean whilst my attention has been momentarily side tracked by all things SHOWstudio, Sandra Jean Mc Clean's shoes, Poppy French's giant lozenge, and OUR NEW EXCITING SCHEME. I have collected various photos recently which I've rather liked the look of, so once again you can enjoy this random collation of images that have grabbed ones attention and been floating about in my head for a while. [Be warned: gratuitous cock shots and a Bush do follow]

First up Sound reflectors Beyonce's new video New Torchwood is coming Sean and Seng Potentially the most terrifying sight I have ever witnessed on TV - yes, even more scary than Ghostwatch with Sarah Green. Psychoville, BBC2s dark comedy offering made by the team behind The League of Gentlemen began its second series a couple of weeks back. The last episode featured a tribute to Tina Turner - so totally out of the blue and surreal that it totally floored me for several moments. If you haven't seen this series, you've certainly got to get on it Kate Bush's new album 'Director's Cut' Love a bit of the Bush. Back in the day: Cock Shot 1 - Innovation Lily Cole in Doctor Who - yes, really! Lily Cole played an alien called a Siren who lured Pirates onto her futuristic space ship and ate them (or something). She didn't utter a word throughout, but she did look pretty (especially when she was green). Doctor Who continues to be Doctor Fashion this series - HEARTS MATT SMITH. University. It's literally a year since Hannah and I completed our final assessments at Back Hill. Its so strange. In many ways it feels like yesterday, but I think I've changed an age and experienced rather a lot in the intervening months since graduating. Tapes are being rewatched - and hopefully re-edited. More to come soon I hope The Biggest Breasts In The World. Talk of the office the other day. Oh Philip! The Binary Baby loves a wheel barrow. Laundromat! In Guildford! Kitsch! Cock Shot 2 - Immense! And last, but by no means least, another gem from the Disposable collection - Dusty 'O' Hodge DJing at Ku Bar's Royal Wedding after party on Lisle Street - fantastic!

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