Photography Competion with Poppy French at Dizzy Finch Studio

Dizzy Finch Studio is a London based photography studio run by Bevan and Ondine Goldswain based slap bang in the middle of Shoreditch and Hoxton. I was propositioned by Miss Poppy French, Photographer Extraordinaire [blog] about the possibility of collaborating with her on this small project - she had heard through the Dizzy Finch Studio[blog] about a photography competition wherin 9 photographers were invited to the studio to photograph whatever they wanted, utilising all the facilities that the studio had to offer. Poppy's brief was, erm, brief - something 'that would stand out' was all she mentioned to me. I told her about a certain acryllic egg that I had suddenly come by, and thought that this would have the desired 'stand out' effect!
Come Saturday morning, after much faffing, packing, bubble wrapping and sweating, Poppy drove me and the egg to the studio and we got photographing with our lovely model Ayla. We had a mere 40 minutes to shoot, but what we came up with was rather good under the time constrained circumstances.

And so, Faithful Reader, I turn to you to do your bit - log into Facebook, hit the link to the Dizzy Finch Blog below, scroll to the photos of the giant acryllic egg by Poppy French and HIT YOUR LIKE BUTTONS.

Dizzy Finch Blog

This all feels very Eurovision - so please don't let us fare as badly as Azerbaijan did this year. We want to win so we can use the space again to do exciting things.

So please, please, please vote - and to make it worthwhile, have a taster of something even more fabulous that is yet to come...

Poppy French and her enormous beard! (Actually, its more exciting than a beard but we can't tell you about it yet) Exciting Times...Watch this space...Get voting here!

Making Of:

The studio space:

Hanging the egg

Photography in motion:

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