Photography Competion with Poppy French at Dizzy Finch Studio

Dizzy Finch Studio is a London based photography studio run by Bevan and Ondine Goldswain based slap bang in the middle of Shoreditch and Hoxton. I was propositioned by Miss Poppy French, Photographer Extraordinaire [blog] about the possibility of collaborating with her on this small project - she had heard through the Dizzy Finch Studio[blog] about a photography competition wherin 9 photographers were invited to the studio to photograph whatever they wanted, utilising all the facilities that the studio had to offer. Poppy's brief was, erm, brief - something 'that would stand out' was all she mentioned to me. I told her about a certain acryllic egg that I had suddenly come by, and thought that this would have the desired 'stand out' effect!
Come Saturday morning, after much faffing, packing, bubble wrapping and sweating, Poppy drove me and the egg to the studio and we got photographing with our lovely model Ayla. We had a mere 40 minutes to shoot, but what we came up with was rather good under the time constrained circumstances.

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Dizzy Finch Blog

This all feels very Eurovision - so please don't let us fare as badly as Azerbaijan did this year. We want to win so we can use the space again to do exciting things.

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Poppy French and her enormous beard! (Actually, its more exciting than a beard but we can't tell you about it yet) Exciting Times...Watch this space...Get voting here!

Making Of:

The studio space:

Hanging the egg

Photography in motion:

Catlin Art Prize 2011 - 5TH Anniversary Exhibition

Last weekend I stumbled across this marvellous exhibition of emerging artists in a fantastic exhibition space along Rivington Street in Shoreditch, The Tramshed. The Catlin Art Prize is now in its fifth year (though I have never heard of it before) and featured some really lovely photography, installation pieces, video work and live performance art. Art Catlin strives to support young graduates and emerging talent in the UK. Artists featured included Leah Capaldi, Noemie Goudal, Darren Harvey-Regan, Russel Hill, and Juliette Losq. Russel Hill was awarded the coveted Catlin Art Prize of £5000 for his obsessive curation of familiar looking objects. Nice.


'Closure' at the Cochrane Theatre

By complete chance, I happened to be walking past the Cochrane Theatre along Southampton Row and noticed two TVs on the pavement - I realised that I had totally forgotten that the Central Saint Martins 'Performance: Design and Practise' course was holding its annual third year devised performance at the site. Luckily, I was just in time to buy myself a ticket for the 7:30 show - the last performance to ever take place in the site by CSM students - and it didn't disappoint. Entitled 'Closure', unlike the devised performance that I was involved with last year, the current third year students had decided to eschew the site specific and promenade form that we adopted with our 'Demonstration Demolition' piece, and confined themselves to the proscenium arch set up that the Cochrane Theatre confidentally offers. I've inadvertently been following the work of the third year students quite closely, and of all the shows that I've seen them put on this year, I can quite easily say that this was the strongest and the best. 'Closure' was a good title - although the show was made up from many different designers from the course, there was a coherence to the whole show, thematically and tonally. Relation, reliance, resistance and decay were some of the main themes that I drew from the images that played out over the hour. My favourite moments involved the female protagonists who came onto the stage, adopted a pose and then 'bled' what looked like salt from various wounds - simple but incredibly effective and heightened by a thumping bassy heartbeat sound composed by Wei Lou, who was placed off stage seemingly influencing events like some derranged master of ceremonies. A-mazing.


Doctor Fash and Daisy Lowe [in] Craig Lawrence

Matt Smith aka Doctor Who rocked up to the BAFTAs looking fit with girlfriend Daisy Lowe who was wearing a Craig Lawrence dress from his AW11 collection. Read more about Craig by hitting the labels below and reading his official site here.



Cockroaches in China Town are probably not a rarity, but neither are they a delicacy. Good morning Mr Cockroach. Did you like sleeping on my stairwell?

Sorcha O'Raghallaigh, Lady Gaga and Graham Norton

Lady Gaga appeared on 'The Graham Norton Show' last Friday in the run up to the release of her new album 'Born This Way'. To honour her appearance on the Irish comedian's show, Gaga's fashion moment comprised of a series of pieces designed by Sorcha O'Raghallaigh. I had the pleasure of working with Sorcha, a recent BA graduate from Central Saint Martins, this time last year on a fashion film styled by Anna Trevelyan and directed by Saga Sig. Sorcha's BA collection caused a storm at the time of graduate fashion week when her models graced the catwalk in her enourmous web like knits atop of stilts. Sorcha is now represented by Ella Dror PR, and championed by the likes of stylist Anna Trevelyan, and become a Gaga fashion stalwart during the superstar's 'Born This Way' reimagining. A black dress of Sorcha's recently featured in Gaga's 'Born This Way' video (in fact, probably the best bit - that Sin City esque moment at the start - AMAZING). Fashion Film Stills. Sorcha's look book: Nice.


Stephanie Johns - Isberg and The Woods

My friend and ex flat mate Stephanie Johns graduated last year from the same course as I, and already she's carving out quite an exciting career for herself. Dividing her time between the East End and up North, in the last year Steph has worked in the art department for three BBC One shows, designed a whole performance at the Fringe in Edinburgh and directed an installation for the Bloomsbury Festival. I had the pleasure of being invited along to a small performance designed by Steph in the White Space at Back Hill for Company of Angels and Drama Centre London. The two performances were entitled Isberg and The Woods, two plays delving into the adolescent psyche. Steph found herself responsible for both the set and costume designs for each. In Isberg, three siblings find themselves bound to one another after the tragic deaths of their parents, and end up living in the basment of an abandoned house. I really liked this one - there were some truly spine tingly moments from the 'Sister' character and her dream like apparitions. Nice set dressing too. Actually felt like I was in a junk filled garage or something of the like. Next up was the longer The Woods, a drama about the disappearance of a 6 year old girl through the eyes of her young friends. This show was set primarily in the White Space which Steph successfully decorated to look suitably outdoorsy, as well as doubling it up as a bedroom dorm and (probably most effectively) as an ice covered lake. This piece featured some fantastic photographic work by James Freeman, a London based photographer who 'has a passion for traditional processes'. Check his blog here. Great stuff all round!


A Post Of Things Part 2

Faithful Reader! The time feels right to move on from Project Ocean whilst my attention has been momentarily side tracked by all things SHOWstudio, Sandra Jean Mc Clean's shoes, Poppy French's giant lozenge, and OUR NEW EXCITING SCHEME. I have collected various photos recently which I've rather liked the look of, so once again you can enjoy this random collation of images that have grabbed ones attention and been floating about in my head for a while. [Be warned: gratuitous cock shots and a Bush do follow]

First up Sound reflectors Beyonce's new video New Torchwood is coming Sean and Seng Potentially the most terrifying sight I have ever witnessed on TV - yes, even more scary than Ghostwatch with Sarah Green. Psychoville, BBC2s dark comedy offering made by the team behind The League of Gentlemen began its second series a couple of weeks back. The last episode featured a tribute to Tina Turner - so totally out of the blue and surreal that it totally floored me for several moments. If you haven't seen this series, you've certainly got to get on it Kate Bush's new album 'Director's Cut' Love a bit of the Bush. Back in the day: Cock Shot 1 - Innovation Lily Cole in Doctor Who - yes, really! Lily Cole played an alien called a Siren who lured Pirates onto her futuristic space ship and ate them (or something). She didn't utter a word throughout, but she did look pretty (especially when she was green). Doctor Who continues to be Doctor Fashion this series - HEARTS MATT SMITH. University. It's literally a year since Hannah and I completed our final assessments at Back Hill. Its so strange. In many ways it feels like yesterday, but I think I've changed an age and experienced rather a lot in the intervening months since graduating. Tapes are being rewatched - and hopefully re-edited. More to come soon I hope The Biggest Breasts In The World. Talk of the office the other day. Oh Philip! The Binary Baby loves a wheel barrow. Laundromat! In Guildford! Kitsch! Cock Shot 2 - Immense! And last, but by no means least, another gem from the Disposable collection - Dusty 'O' Hodge DJing at Ku Bar's Royal Wedding after party on Lisle Street - fantastic!


Project Ocean Selfridges Windows

Here are the remaining Selfridges windows for Ocean along Oxford Street and Duke Street. They're an eclectic bunch. Enjoy! The Plankton window - look through the port hole! One of my favourites - the Jelly Fish and Chips kiosk - with two of the most sinister mannequins imaginable! Sea Horses carousel: Another favourite - the vault room containing the last remaining packet of Fish Fingers...The very impressive and futuristic interactive touch screen window: Hix and Stephen Webster's window: Duke Street windows, celebrating the people who have supported the Fish Fight! 'You Wouldn't Eat A Panda...' A surreal message about Blue Fin Tuna Possibly my absolute favourite window: 'Wish You Were Still Here!' The GIANT BOAT and tiny fish Hugh's Fish Fight Inflatable Fish The Last Cod And finally the Ocean Banner hanging from the front of the store: Miss Poppy Of French visited the store yesterday to have a gander!