A Post of Things

Faithful reader! Sorry its been so long. As you can see, I've been most busy of late, and I'm hot off the heels of another exciting engagement this afternoon. Things are beginning to build pace at work in the run up to the NEW MAJOR WINDOW INSTALLATION which will be revealed soon, but for now, lets enjoy some things I've been meaning to post for a while:

Leigh Bowery - a photo from Sue Tilley's collection. Would have been 50 years old the other day. I love this hat. Ron Raz, late 70s porn star. Sorry for the gratuitous cock shot, but it is a thing of absolute beauty, no? That, and his fabulous beard. Grrr. Milk Shake Toner - the only way is up! My new favourite thing ever - Doctor Fashion, I mean, Doctor Who and Amy Pond gracing the front rows at London Fashion week because frankly, he is the most stylish Doctor ever and increasing becoming the hottest thing this side of Gallifrey. Oh, and did I mention, the new series starts on EASTER SATURDAY - ARGH! SQUEE! ETC. Jennifer Lopez' new song - On The Floor. Yes, I know this is not an image of Said Lopez, but this is a rather hilarious snap taken whilst listening to the song with Twinnage. Lady Gaga, I think taken by Brett Lloyd. Amazing. Elizabeth Shaw, played by Caroline John, companion to the Third Doctor who in the seventh series of Doctor Who. Best companion ever? Disco. Nice. And a nice pair of trousers which I wouldn't mind rocking.

There we go, business as usual.

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