Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' 4

Ok. So this was it. The Finale. To say that it ended the night on a high would be putting it lightly. The whole performance had already been a lavish, decadent spectacle. And then the water jets switched on, and Kylie came out in a gold sequined swimming cap and cape. And OMG. The whole of the O2 erupted, and the concert got a thousand times more memorable. As the water fountains jetted from the audience around Kylie and her brood of hunks, she mounted a podium which took her spinning into the air: She was held there, her arms aspread, like a God, turning slowly, water crashing around her, belting out 'All The Lovers'. It was insane. It was awesome.

Best. Thing. Ever.

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