Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' 3

By about this act, I was positively delusional as I'm sure you can imagine. It all peaked with The Bit I Had Been Waiting For when in a single moment, a thousand nights of prayers were answered, and I saw Kylie perform 'Closer' from her 'Aphrodite' album live, sat on the back of an Angel, flying over my head, me wailing out the words and then suddenly, it mixing into her version of Annie Lennox's 'There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart'. OMG. OMBLOODYG. I almost died. Kylie then donned this bizarre/hilarious trashy/drag inspired (?) look whilst she addressed the crowd. A very colourful moment. Totally hysterical at this point and don't remember what it was she was singing: In these two up close shots you can see the lovely detailing on her Dolce and Gabbana designed costumes. Lovely!

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