Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' 2

This tour delivered consistently with each act. I think possibly my favourite part was Kylie's 'Aphrodited' version of 'Confide In Me'. It was so amazing to watch Kylie perform this live - I think its my favourite one. Above was her 'Confide In Me' look. Below was this fabulously ridiculous Busby Berkley inspired routine involving an enormous rotator, 8 dancers fanning Kylie with Ostritch feathers and Kylie ascending like one of the Greek Gods (think Clash of the Titans, but more like a gay porno version) whilst she wore this glorious looking gold halo head piece. Fanbloodyamazing: UP CLOSE:Giant projections of naked men much appreciated by this gay, and ten thousand other gays:Another up close moment with the Minogue; Kylie is pulled around the stage on a chariot of muscled beauties:

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