Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' 1

OMG. OMG. OMG. Although I'd known about this since Christmas, the Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' sprang up on me out of nowhere. Last night, Ash and I ventured to the O2 in Greenwich along with ten thousand other gays for what felt like some sort of religious investment. And can I just say: OMG. It was fucking A-mazing. Absolutely A-Mazing. Forget all the bad things you think you know about Kylie Minogue, all those preconceptions (or misconceptions) that she's not very good live - this performance was one of the best things I have ever, EVER, seen. Technically, it was about as ambitious as you could get. It felt like a serious amount of money had been thrown at this event. It was a completely glorious, dizzying, indulgent and decadent 3 hours of seriously high end camp. In fact, it was beyond camp. It was so, so, so totally gay. Her arrival in the shell of a giant golden clam set the precedent for the rest of the evening, so enjoy this series of posts from this spectacular, gaytastic phenomena. Here is me and Ash up close and personal with one of the Aphrodites outside the O2. Lolz.

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