Central Saint Martins (BA) Performance Design and Practise

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of once again watching a third year performance devised, designed and directed by the third year Performance: Design and Practise course from Central Saint Martins of which I was once a student. I posted about a performance I saw by the same year group back in January, but this was performed entirely in the confines of their studio space in Back Hill. I was suitably impressed by the whole production; each designer was allocated a ten to fifteen minute slot to work their magic with. Recurring themes that each designer seemed to encounter included nostalgia, longing, memories and perhaps the notion of 'rose tinted spectacles'. A couple of them decided to dwell on the university's imminent upheaval to its new premises at Kings Cross: I was almost moved to tears by a piece entitled, 'In Acknowledgement of Steve Keaye', a piece which would have resonated with any former student from the course in the last twenty or so years that technician Steve has been working there. Simple, clever and mesmerising. I'm literally quaking in my boots that this lot are about to graduate. They. Are. Good. The performance above relied on the testimonies of the former printing workers who once manned the machinery that used to occupy the CSM Back Hill campus 40 or so years ago, making the it especially noteworthy.

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