The Royal Wedding

Coming Soon...Woo!

Manchester Looks

I took very few photos during my long weekend jaunt to Manc, but here are a selection of my faves.


Elisabeth Sladen

Elisabeth Sladen has died. For anyone who doesn't know her, she was the Ultimate Doctor Who companion. Very sad times. Beautiful, witty and so very funny. Love.

Print Club London 2

With the screens now dry, we were able to get out our squidgeys and start applying the ink. Inks: Screen Printing In Motion:Team Photo! Prints drying on the rack: The amazing Light Box used by the Print Club team: More Prints:And the finished print: Lots of fun and got me thinking about future projects. If you've never done screen printing before I would defo recommend it - Print Club London website.

Print Club London 1

Yesterday, the work team and I ventured out on an extra curricular trip to Dalston to have a go at 'Print Club London's' 'Pull A Sickie Day'. We each bought a long an image we wanted to have a go at print screening - a technique I like a lot, but have never used or even practised with. I decided to bring along one of my favourite images from the time Hannah and I worked with each other last year - Sink Plunger Fellatio! Here's a bit of a run down of what we did. Firstly, our images were scanned and adjusted accordingly. We were then given a brief talk on the history of Screen Printing. We applied our light sensitive surface to our screens, then exposed them to some serious light! Drying Rack: Pimping out our images: The prepped screens drying and ready for the printing to begin:

Leather Lane Looks

Some snaps I took a couple of weeks back after a lunch time stroll along Leather Lane near Farringdon. Best Van Ever:

Best Window Display Ever?

This window display currently adorns that dressing up shop in Soho on Berwick Street whose name I never know - but it is simply fabulous! I swear they have taken inspiration from Scissor Sister's epic single 'Invisible Light'. Gaytastic!

Royal Wedding Fever

The most appropriate way to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Wills and Kate is to put up a giant portrait of them made entirely out of jelly beans! Wedding Fever!


Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' 4

Ok. So this was it. The Finale. To say that it ended the night on a high would be putting it lightly. The whole performance had already been a lavish, decadent spectacle. And then the water jets switched on, and Kylie came out in a gold sequined swimming cap and cape. And OMG. The whole of the O2 erupted, and the concert got a thousand times more memorable. As the water fountains jetted from the audience around Kylie and her brood of hunks, she mounted a podium which took her spinning into the air: She was held there, her arms aspread, like a God, turning slowly, water crashing around her, belting out 'All The Lovers'. It was insane. It was awesome.

Best. Thing. Ever.

Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' 3

By about this act, I was positively delusional as I'm sure you can imagine. It all peaked with The Bit I Had Been Waiting For when in a single moment, a thousand nights of prayers were answered, and I saw Kylie perform 'Closer' from her 'Aphrodite' album live, sat on the back of an Angel, flying over my head, me wailing out the words and then suddenly, it mixing into her version of Annie Lennox's 'There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart'. OMG. OMBLOODYG. I almost died. Kylie then donned this bizarre/hilarious trashy/drag inspired (?) look whilst she addressed the crowd. A very colourful moment. Totally hysterical at this point and don't remember what it was she was singing: In these two up close shots you can see the lovely detailing on her Dolce and Gabbana designed costumes. Lovely!

Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' 2

This tour delivered consistently with each act. I think possibly my favourite part was Kylie's 'Aphrodited' version of 'Confide In Me'. It was so amazing to watch Kylie perform this live - I think its my favourite one. Above was her 'Confide In Me' look. Below was this fabulously ridiculous Busby Berkley inspired routine involving an enormous rotator, 8 dancers fanning Kylie with Ostritch feathers and Kylie ascending like one of the Greek Gods (think Clash of the Titans, but more like a gay porno version) whilst she wore this glorious looking gold halo head piece. Fanbloodyamazing: UP CLOSE:Giant projections of naked men much appreciated by this gay, and ten thousand other gays:Another up close moment with the Minogue; Kylie is pulled around the stage on a chariot of muscled beauties:

Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' 1

OMG. OMG. OMG. Although I'd known about this since Christmas, the Kylie Minogue 'Les Folies 2011 Tour' sprang up on me out of nowhere. Last night, Ash and I ventured to the O2 in Greenwich along with ten thousand other gays for what felt like some sort of religious investment. And can I just say: OMG. It was fucking A-mazing. Absolutely A-Mazing. Forget all the bad things you think you know about Kylie Minogue, all those preconceptions (or misconceptions) that she's not very good live - this performance was one of the best things I have ever, EVER, seen. Technically, it was about as ambitious as you could get. It felt like a serious amount of money had been thrown at this event. It was a completely glorious, dizzying, indulgent and decadent 3 hours of seriously high end camp. In fact, it was beyond camp. It was so, so, so totally gay. Her arrival in the shell of a giant golden clam set the precedent for the rest of the evening, so enjoy this series of posts from this spectacular, gaytastic phenomena. Here is me and Ash up close and personal with one of the Aphrodites outside the O2. Lolz.