Faithful Reader! Its been too long. Finally, my recently new abode has got internet - thats right, I'm beaming live blogs to you now from my new home inside Leicester Square Tube. Fantastic. In fact, talk about World in Motion which is currently playing on my Itunes. Anyway, have a scone: I so discovered that you could pick up this delicacy from Patisserie Valerie for a mere £6 - two cream scones, and a giant pot of Earl Grey - FITTAGE! Anyway, enough scones - have a Daff: No, no - enough with the Daffs! Easter is almost here. Hurrah! (This post is full of whitteringon - I thought I had something of value or useful to say - I've been away [sort of] for two months and have absolutely nothing to say! - I must sort that). Boot then? No? I just bought a new pair - no, not the pair in the photo below, but a strange combination of both of these - basically, I've bought a black pair of boots (like the ones on the right) in the style of the ones on the left. Make sense? I hope so. Met this stranger in Hyde Park the other day - I've never seen such a gaytastic looking statue. And now I've realised that I have come to the end of this post - never mind. Business as usual? Yes - business has resumed! See you in court! Etc.

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