Saturday Looks In Harringay

This post is a bit of a random collection of pictures I took over the weekend, cobbled together whilst tackling the bastarding internet connections of various Starbucks in Soho...Annoying.On Saturday, I persuaded Ash to leave CENTRAL and venture NORTH to see if we could find the legendary Ice Cream Van of Manor House - the very Ice Cream Van that this blog is named after....Alas, on getting to Harringay along the Green Lanes, we didn't find what we were looking for, but we did take in the delights of this nostalgic tour around the area that I first lived in on moving to London in 2007, taking in Yasar Halim - the world famous bakery, and the most amazing, secret pub in North London - the Salisbury Hotel. We cooed over this delicacy that Yasar Halim had on offer:And laughed uncontrollably at this potential Mothers Day gift....Good Times feeling the North London vibe!

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