It's Alright [Baby's Coming Back]

Faithful reader! My, I have been a rubbish blogger of late. Antisocial hours, coupled with some antisocial behaviour and a severe lack of internet connection in my new flat (gross) has resulted in a serious case of blogging constipation. Fear not - normal service will resume. Wild Wood has launched at Selfridges, a project which has kept me busy since starting at the department store in their Window's department since January. A dark reimagining of mushroom filled forests along Oxford Street, and New Age, rustic living along Duke Street signal the timely coming of Spring. Problems with dust and humidity aside, they look fantastic and were a pleasure to work on. We at the Window's team have also just completed another exciting project which launched on Wednesday - see seperate post above! In other news, I have peroxided my hair, which coupled with my Soho based post code has now validated my 'Whorish' status. Wonderful! There is probably loads more to tell you all, but for now I'll leave you with this delightfully absurd picture from a Saturday afternoon walk along Harringay: Fanbloodytastic.

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