Gabriel Orozco at the Tate Modern

"Orozco's art reflects the ideas of monumentality and the symbolic within everyday life."
I didn't know very much about Orozco before I went to this exhibition, however, I was quite familiar with some of his more iconic works - mainly his drawn and quatered (or should that be thirded?) automobile. This is a lovely little exhibition with a nice interactive quality to some of the pieces, including the billiard table with its suspended balls and the ceiling fan with the loo rolls attached to it. My favourite piece of his was the lift cubicle he'd saved from a derelict building which sat totally incongruosly and rather ominously amongst the exhibition space, its doors open seemingly inviting the audience to enter.His display of exploded tyres picked up along a highway in Mexico smelt of rubber and were surprisingly delicate looking when inspected upclose. Nice.

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