Craig Lawrence Autumn Winter 2011 Presentation

Faithful Reader! It's been a long time since a normal update with words as well as pictures. The last couple of weeks have seen the destruction of any sort of routine - London Fashion Week (Yawn), being uprooted from one flat to another and now wading my way through a succession of fairly debilitating night shifts at Selfridges has started to take its toll in every conceivable way, though mostly affecting my sanity. However, there is one last post to be made about London Fashion Week (Ok, stop yawning..) Off the back of working with Craig on his Bright Young Things window display for Selfridges, I was approached by Ella Dror PR to design some staging for Craig Lawrence's Fashion Week presentation showcasing his AW11 collection. Working alongside stylist Katie Shillingford and the teams from Ella Dror PR and Craig's studio, a stripped back salon affair was devised. The setup for the presentation was simple - models, collection, and a narator. Being the ever enthusiastic Performance Design and Practise student that I am, I readily accepted the challenge of narrating the presentation, reading from a script written by Shillingford and the PR team which described simply, and matter of factly, Craig's newest collection. Poppy French was on standby with her camera and caught some fairly fabulous moments with her lense - this one being a fave:'Gimp Yarn' was my favourite line. I repeated it over 15 times during the course of each show. I sat amongst the audience whilst my voice boomed throughout the room over the soundsystem. Does a job as a future continuity announcer for Radio 4 beckon? I do hope so.A Poppy French rehearsal shot:A great experience, and something that I was lucky to have been apart of! The Portico Rooms, Somerset House, Saturday 19th February 2011
Stylist Katie Shillingford, Set Design & Narration James Barnett, Shoes Crisian and McCaffrey

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  1. If your a continuity reporter on Radio 4 you might get to be the person that presses the button for The Archers.