Beth Ditto EP

Towards the end of last year, this very exciting EP was announced - a Beth Ditto / Simian Mobile Disco collaboration in the same vein as the electro-tastic Cruel Intentions from the SMD album 'Temporary Pleasures.' Needless to say, I was very excited by this prospect, and just by flicking through my Itunes options reveals that Cruel Intentions has ended up being one of the most played tunes on my Ipod. The first song to be released [and to get a video] from the EP is 'I Wrote The Book' - a song so good that its basically knocked 'Invisible Light' off my 'default play anything' option...The video rips off Madonna's 'Justify My Love' and needs to be viewed for two reasons: 1) To listen to this Orgasm inducing song and 2) The sight of Beth Ditto Liz Taylorified. A-mazing. WATCH HERE

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  1. I fcking love Beth Ditto and Simian mobile Disco!