What are they doing at Tottenham Court Road? I walked past there yesterday and it seems they are excavating what can only be described as Hell.

I'm Still Standing



Faithful Reader! Its been too long. Finally, my recently new abode has got internet - thats right, I'm beaming live blogs to you now from my new home inside Leicester Square Tube. Fantastic. In fact, talk about World in Motion which is currently playing on my Itunes. Anyway, have a scone: I so discovered that you could pick up this delicacy from Patisserie Valerie for a mere £6 - two cream scones, and a giant pot of Earl Grey - FITTAGE! Anyway, enough scones - have a Daff: No, no - enough with the Daffs! Easter is almost here. Hurrah! (This post is full of whitteringon - I thought I had something of value or useful to say - I've been away [sort of] for two months and have absolutely nothing to say! - I must sort that). Boot then? No? I just bought a new pair - no, not the pair in the photo below, but a strange combination of both of these - basically, I've bought a black pair of boots (like the ones on the right) in the style of the ones on the left. Make sense? I hope so. Met this stranger in Hyde Park the other day - I've never seen such a gaytastic looking statue. And now I've realised that I have come to the end of this post - never mind. Business as usual? Yes - business has resumed! See you in court! Etc.

Anish Kapoor In Motion

The other day I found myself on an unexpected jaunt to Essex to help Sister move flats, so took in the delights of Stratford along my way through the East End. Whilst the Olympic Stadium seemed to be in full bloom, the [somewhat strange] Anish Kapoor sculpture/viewing platform is sprouting from its dusty bed - built (I'm reliably informed by the funny one on the One Show) by just 6 burly men and a crane. In my early morning stuper, I realised that the train I was sat on to Brentwood was a sickly shade of pink. Nice.

Nancy Spero at The Serpentine Gallery

Another [free] exhibition - Nancy Spero at The Serpentine. I sort of whizzed through this one - but I really liked her Bayeaux Tapestryesque printing freize around the space and her deranged May Pole entitled ominoulsy 'Maypole: Take No Prisoners'. This ones on all Spring, so plenty of time to check it out... Nice.

Larry Clark at the Simon Lee Gallery

I'd never heard of, let alone stepped inside, the Simon Lee Gallery, but an afternoons frivolous stumbling around Mayfair in the sunshine led to the discovery. Larry Clark, the notorious photographer responsible for the 90s film 'Kids' is currently exhibiting in the very slick space with a fairly representative exhibition of some of his most famous works - all shock, controversey, teenage sex and genitalia. The exhibition runs until the end of the week, so check it out whilst you can!


Wonder Room Bloom

The Wonder Room of Selfridges has sprouted these lovely paper plants, crafted by the very talented Emily Pugh. I snapped away whilst she put them all together in the studio the other day - it was well jungle like!

Metal Things

I'm currently cataloguing all the props stored in the Window's basement. I keep wanting to write PARAPHERNALIA on all the labels I'm making, but its just too big a word (but oh so useful - I mean, what other word - other than JUNK - can you write to adequately describe the stuff below!?) I'm constantly filthy and not seeing much daylight. However, I have made some wonderful discoveries though, including a trunk full of door nobs! Thursday afternoon last week was mostly spent untangling twenty giant lamps which had been heaped together in a frightful mass since Christmas. Lovely!


Namhee Kwon - Transparent Process

Stumbled over this great exhibition yesterday afternoon at the Tenderpixel Space. Korean artist Namhee Kwon has currently taken over the space with her neon numbers and photo blow up installation. Strange, but lovely!

Wild Wood Details

I have yet to blog a comprehensive post about the latest scheme in the windows at work, but here are some lovely details to have a gander at...Giant Mushrooms: Tipis:

Wedding Belles

I am getting very excited about all things Royal Wedding! Not long now...In the mean time, lets enjoy this relic I unearthed whilst clearing out a stock cupboard this morning: a 1995 edition of The Sun, with the wedding of Les Dennis and Amanda Holden as its cover story! It smelt of wee. Nice.


Beth Ditto EP

Towards the end of last year, this very exciting EP was announced - a Beth Ditto / Simian Mobile Disco collaboration in the same vein as the electro-tastic Cruel Intentions from the SMD album 'Temporary Pleasures.' Needless to say, I was very excited by this prospect, and just by flicking through my Itunes options reveals that Cruel Intentions has ended up being one of the most played tunes on my Ipod. The first song to be released [and to get a video] from the EP is 'I Wrote The Book' - a song so good that its basically knocked 'Invisible Light' off my 'default play anything' option...The video rips off Madonna's 'Justify My Love' and needs to be viewed for two reasons: 1) To listen to this Orgasm inducing song and 2) The sight of Beth Ditto Liz Taylorified. A-mazing. WATCH HERE


Fashion Fringe at the Design Museum Making Of...

A Short 'Making Of Video' I took on the day of the installation:

Fashion Fringe at The Design Museum from James Barnett on Vimeo.

Gabriel Orozco at the Tate Modern

"Orozco's art reflects the ideas of monumentality and the symbolic within everyday life."
I didn't know very much about Orozco before I went to this exhibition, however, I was quite familiar with some of his more iconic works - mainly his drawn and quatered (or should that be thirded?) automobile. This is a lovely little exhibition with a nice interactive quality to some of the pieces, including the billiard table with its suspended balls and the ceiling fan with the loo rolls attached to it. My favourite piece of his was the lift cubicle he'd saved from a derelict building which sat totally incongruosly and rather ominously amongst the exhibition space, its doors open seemingly inviting the audience to enter.His display of exploded tyres picked up along a highway in Mexico smelt of rubber and were surprisingly delicate looking when inspected upclose. Nice.


Fashion Fringe at The Design Museum

The Selfridges Windows team have been working on this exciting project simultaneously alongside their other store related duties...The Design Museum, London, approached the Selfridges Window Team to design and install a display in their amazing Tank Space and Stairway Atrium to celebrate the work of the current Fashion Fringe winner Corrie Nielsen. Nielsen won the prestigious accolade last year, and has since been working on her AW11 collection which she debuted at London Fashion Week in February. Working to a brief entitled 'From Inspiration to Realisation', we wanted the display to be simple yet engaging, and befit the suitably stylish Design Museum ethos. A steady design process of our own took place, and the design grew organically over the weeks whilst we sourced the fabrics and made the props needed for the installations. On Wednesday 9th March, the team congregated at the Museum for an intensive early morning installation process, which saw the whole team - stylists, visualisers, production, managers all mucking in.The Windows Team in all their glory!Corrie's beautfiful dress hanging in the Design Museum Foyer:

These installations are on for the next couple of months, so check them out! The Design Museum is a fantastic little space, and is situated at possibly the most beautiful point along the Southbank, with an amazing view over Tower Bridge.