The Day Today Today was more a collection of strange moments which I attempted to photograph along the way. The strangest moment came when out of the blue, I was accosted by a giant Police Riot Van outside London Bridge Tube Station, with 10 burly Police Officers inside it. Apparently, myself and George (unwilling partner in crime) had been spotted acting strangely on CCTV inside London Bridge Tube Station. We were beeped, and then three men jumped out at us. I was somewhat surprised as I nonchalantly minced down the street, arms and hands ablaze. I think they were a bit surprised too. Apparently, George was wearing some unsuitable jewellery which could have been mistaken as a knuckle duster. I proclaimed my innocence, confessing my only crime today being one against fashion - my new mustard coloured woolen jumper wasn't exactly to everyone's taste outside London Bridge, but it had gone down a treat at work. Never Mind. Second odd thing: - I found this piece of Doctor Who merchandise without its label. I am geek. Etc.
Strolling past the Shard again - I could feel it looking at me. It's just waiting for a girth shot, but the time is not right yet. Went to the Design Museum and had a quick mosey around. They have a new Typography and Font exhibition about to open. Yum. This new installation has just been put into the atrium. I got a very high shot of it indeed.

Big Plastic Bag caught in tree along New Bond Street. I used to have a fetish for this once.

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