The Museum of Everything Ever get the feeling that you're late to the party? I had the pleasure of spending a Friday morning at The Museum of Everything in Chalk Farm, a couple of weeks back, a museum/gallery/junk yard (?) full to the brim with paraphernalia collected over the years by various hoarders (or should that be curators?) including Sir Peter Blake. This place was fantastic; from the midget gallery to the mass grave of dolls, there was almost too much to see in one go. Fortunately for me, the gallery wasn't closed at the end of 2010 as planned. Unfortunately for anyone else who hasn't seen it, it closes this weekend - so get there quickly! Its full of vintage, musty smelling goodness which has to be sniffed in deeply to be believed! Dead already: Big Camden Cheetah:It's not rubbish honestly!! A Chalk Farm vista: Lovely.

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